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Okay, I am having a great deal of fun experimenting with the look I want for this blog… so I am changing the format and graphics many times until I decide on one… Sorry to those of you who crave consistency!  I promise I will settle on one soon.  But, unfortunately I can’t promise how long it will last even after I find the right combination because I am one of those “artsy” types who are always re-arranging furniture and moving pictures around inside — and my poor flowers outside are never sure if they are finally going to be able to send their roots down permanently or if the crazy lady with the spade is going to come along and move them yet again!

 So, if you happen upon my blog during re-construction, have patience and check back often!



Yay, we got a puppy today.  We have been looking for a boxer/lab cross for months now because that is what our last dog was, but we haven’t had any luck until yesterday.  She is a very sweet little pup… with those adorable puppy-dog eyes that follow you around.  She is just six weeks, so she is sleeping in our room and is pretty much fulfilling my needy maternal instincts as we wait for word on the adoption front. 

 Of course, Jo just loves her.  Sophie actually slept on Jo’s lap in the carseat much of the way home from Spokane.   She also licked Jo all over her face, and Jo, (thinking it was a good way of showing affection), promptly licked her right back — yuck! hair all over the tongue!



bubbles-026.jpgWhew… They don’t call it a “paperwork pregnancy” for nothing!  We are almost finished with all the forms and papers for our dossier and I feel ready to explode — like I did in my third trimester!!  We have one more letter to get notarized and one more referral letter to collect and then we can send the whole (thick) package to Acres of Hope.  I am a little worried about handing it over to a third party to deliver it.  I told Peter that its almost worth driving all the way from WA to WI just to MAKE SURE it ends up at the right address!  Since Monday is a holiday we will send it on Tuesday… almost a full week later than I wanted to send it.  I’ve found that to be the case for almost everything throughout this process … I can almost guarantee it will be about a week later than I hoped that we finally get things in the mail, or hear back from people, or finally get the forms finished.  I think I must just be too optimistic… (either that or lazy 🙂  )  Oh, well, it will ALL be worth it in the end.  And whats a week or two?

I have a theory that children possess a highly-sensitive, finely-tuned “mud radar” that enables them to detect the presence of mud from quite a distance away.  This radar gradually lessens over time and is at its peak around two and a half.  My theory must be true because I swear, my daughter can find mud in the strangest places!  Her special mud-radar hones in on even the smallest most-remote puddle.  If there is mud anywhere on our property she will find it!  Usually its not such a big deal, but on this particular day a few weeks ago, we were headed to town and I turned my back for a second (a second!!)  and when I caught up with her she was smiling at me from the middle of a puddle.  (That is actually another theory of mine:  how small children have the super-power ability of moving at warp speed when parents turn around and are looking the other way… if you are dubious about this theory, just give it a try! 🙂

  She actually stayed much cleaner than usual on this particular mud-athon… usually she looks like a little mud-monster; however, I haven’t had my camera handy for any of those times, so this one will have to do.  I’m sure it will just be a matter of time before I have another chance to catch the full mud effect!







  I just wanted to share my forget-me-nots.  I originally planted a couple in my flower bed, but they came back in force and have spread into my patio — for which I am very grateful.  I could never have planted them between the rocks and against the wall, but they voluntered themselves and are so pretty… worth showing off.  Its a good example of what can happen when we let go and just let things happen the natural way instead of forcing it!

We just realized that we are going to have to get our social worker to update our homestudy report AGAIN… Last time was for the wrong country and this time its the wrong gender/age for the baby.  I guess its partly our fault for changing countries on her and then deciding to be open to two kids of either gender…. but it seems like we have run in to more bumps in the road than we should have.  We are learning to have patience and be flexible!

  On a positive note, we got our fingerprinting appointments so we will be headed to Yakima soon.  Peter cut his thumb on the table saw about a month ago (his first accident in over fourteen years of working with power tools had to come weeks before we needed to be fingerprinted… like I said, bumps in the road…) Anyway, he was all stitched up and thankfully it wasn’t any worse!  I was afraid the whole thumb was gone when I saw all the blood…  It seems to be healing well and I think will be completely fine by the time our appointment comes around.  His thumbprint is now totally different than it was before however, and I hope that doesn’t cause any problems…  We’ll see!

My very first blog entry…  I am so new to being on this side of the page even though I have been reading other blogs for a while.  I finally realized that since I have been so encouraged by reading people’s stories, perhaps I should share ours, too.  But again, I am new to the technical side of creating a blog… so it may take a while to get the hang of it.  I want to primarily share about our adoption journey and the ups and downs that inevitably come with the territory…

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