We just realized that we are going to have to get our social worker to update our homestudy report AGAIN… Last time was for the wrong country and this time its the wrong gender/age for the baby.  I guess its partly our fault for changing countries on her and then deciding to be open to two kids of either gender…. but it seems like we have run in to more bumps in the road than we should have.  We are learning to have patience and be flexible!

  On a positive note, we got our fingerprinting appointments so we will be headed to Yakima soon.  Peter cut his thumb on the table saw about a month ago (his first accident in over fourteen years of working with power tools had to come weeks before we needed to be fingerprinted… like I said, bumps in the road…) Anyway, he was all stitched up and thankfully it wasn’t any worse!  I was afraid the whole thumb was gone when I saw all the blood…  It seems to be healing well and I think will be completely fine by the time our appointment comes around.  His thumbprint is now totally different than it was before however, and I hope that doesn’t cause any problems…  We’ll see!