bubbles-026.jpgWhew… They don’t call it a “paperwork pregnancy” for nothing!  We are almost finished with all the forms and papers for our dossier and I feel ready to explode — like I did in my third trimester!!  We have one more letter to get notarized and one more referral letter to collect and then we can send the whole (thick) package to Acres of Hope.  I am a little worried about handing it over to a third party to deliver it.  I told Peter that its almost worth driving all the way from WA to WI just to MAKE SURE it ends up at the right address!  Since Monday is a holiday we will send it on Tuesday… almost a full week later than I wanted to send it.  I’ve found that to be the case for almost everything throughout this process … I can almost guarantee it will be about a week later than I hoped that we finally get things in the mail, or hear back from people, or finally get the forms finished.  I think I must just be too optimistic… (either that or lazy 🙂  )  Oh, well, it will ALL be worth it in the end.  And whats a week or two?