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Our Scottish friend, Dottie, is here staying with us for a few days on her way to Alaska for the month.  We’ve been having a good time — she always makes us her amazing Thai curry when she stays with us…  Yum!

 We met her four years ago when we gave her a ride from the ski resort in Rossland B.C. to Spokane.  I volunteered the space before I knew who needed the ride, and its yet another great story of meeting a wonderful person by being willing to step out of your comfort zone.  I almost said ‘no’ … and I’m so very glad now that I didn’t go with my first impulse.  Our hitch-hiker has ended up being the biggest blessing.  We stayed with her for several days when we back-packed Europe and she stays with us at least once or twice a year. 

  Dot is a nomad who enjoys her very single lifestyle, so staying with us is a collision of two completely different worlds!  Its quite funny actually, to watch her around Jo!  I think Joanna realizes she can really annoy this lady who is never around toddlers and she is extra-mischievous when Dot is here! 🙂

Peter took Jo with him to worship practice tonight so Dottie and I could have some time to visit.  When they got back, Joanna was absolutely filthy (practice was outside!) but with the biggest smile on her face.  She had a great time with him… obviously! 



UPDATE:  I talked to my mom this morning and she is doing better… just really sore.  Thanks for your prayers!

I just found out that my mom was in a bad car accident.  I spoke with her for a moment on the phone right before the ambulance showed up and she sounded okay… shaken up but not in too much pain.  They want to run the usual tests and x-rays and keep her for observation for a while.  Thank God she is okay as the car is completely crunched.  It really makes you stop and appreciate every moment you get to spend with people you love when something like this happens.  I just thought I would post about it so those who read this can send up a quick prayer for her.   Thanks.

  Our electricity has been out all day (yet another joy of rural living, Rae!)  And, to top if off, we lost power as I was at the end of writing a long email … that I lost every word of.    Oh well.  You’d think I would be used to it and get smarter about saving my drafts as I write.   I can’t figure out why it was out all day though, since it’s sunny today.  On stormy days I usually expect to lose power for a while, but not days like today.  During the winter we are sometimes without electricity for days at a time — seriously!   We’ve gotten really creative with how many appliances we can run off a generator.

  I would actually appreciate some rainy weather right about now.  Our well pump is on the fritz and we had to switch over to using the spring for our water.  This means we are in ‘water-conservation’ mode until we get it fixed and I have to hand-water all my flowers, lawn and garden.  Grrrhhh.   Takes about an hour and a half each day to get it all soaked.  I’ll sure not take it for granted the next time I can just set up a sprinker, turn on the faucet and walk away! 

  On the bright side, all the standing around with the hose has given me the opportunity to do alot of thinking…  and praying…  

  God is really delving deep in my heart as I’m praying through a couple big issues… I can feel alot of pre-conceptions in my heart and mind crumbling.  Its always a little scary when the Holy Spirit starts working on pre-conceptions because we never know where we’re going to end up!  After all, if it doesn’t turn out like we pre-conceived, it means we’ve lost our control over the outcome.  God loves mixing it all up!  Thankfully He does it in a gentle way and knows how much we can handle at one time.  He will stretch us until we think we’re going to snap! — but when its over, we realize how much taller and stronger and more flexible we’ve become!    

   I like flexible!

  Oh yes… We got the results from the (pregnancy) blood test this weekend and it was negative also.   So I am officially not-pregnant.  I had the best glass of Chardonnay ever as soon as we found out (I had been looking longingly at it for the last four weeks!!)  We figure its just a hormonal freak-out and I am going to enjoy my little hiatus from my monthly cyle now that I’m not wondering about a bun in the oven.  Its actually rather nice to have a break. 

  We got a fair amount done on our backyard over the weekend (we are putting on a deck, changing our fenceline and adding another flower garden.)  And then we actually sat down together and watched a movie last night.  We have been really busy lately — its been over a month since we just sat and vegged out on the couch in front of a movie.  It was so great!  The movie wasn’t phenomenal… but the sitting and enjoying it was!  🙂  

Here is the rewarding part of all our gardening work (including hours with the hose):





YAY!!!  We got our USCIS approval today!  This means (for all my non-adopting friends who read this) that we are now eligible for a referral!! 

  I wasn’t really expecting it this quickly.  (well, I have been hiding out down by the mailbox and running up to check it the minute the mail-lady pulls away! 🙂  but its only been two weeks since our fingerprinting, so I figured it would be at least another couple weeks. 

  Too bad Peter is in Coeur d’Alene on an install until Friday…  Its just not the same celebrating over a glass of milk with a two-year-old.  *sigh*  He always misses the good stuff.

As for the other topic: 

  I took an “official” pregnancy test at the clinic yesterday.  I was, of course, on pins and needles and REALLY wanted to hear the results immediately.  But the lab techs that administered the test (well, they gave me the cup to pee in)  said that they couldn’t give me the results — a DOCTOR had to review it – !!?!?  Honestly.  How difficult can it be?  Positive … or, well, … negative!   (Yes, I understand it is for liability purposes — and I was nice about it, but I had to wait until today to find out!) 

So my doc’s nurse called me around noon today and told me that the results were negative.  And then she told tell me that because it is unusual for me to be so late, they would like me to come in tomorrow for some tests.  So, the saga isn’t over yet.  I’m sure I’m just all out of whack in the hormone department due to stress…  we’ll see.

 I have to admit, I was just a wee bit disappointed.  Three weeks ago when I first wondered if I might be pregnant I was really hoping I wasn’t… not that I don’t want to have more bio kids in the future, but at this point, I really want to adopt kids!!  It would certainly mix things a bit to be expecting a baby in nine months…  However, after three weeks of thinking it MUST be a pregnancy, I sort of got used to the idea!  (not that I am going to do anything to make it come true!) 

 So it was a good thing the I-600a approval came today just hours after talking to the nurse.  It was like getting a positive pregnancy test for the adoption!  So its official — we are ‘expecting’!! 🙂

  Because, after all, we are I-600a approved!!

 So my clever little title is about a very unexpected, very curious, very nerve-racking situation we are experiencing here at the G. house.   As of tomorrow, I will be officially four weeks late…  (and I’m not talking about returning library books!)   FOUR WEEKS!*?!*?!  Perhaps if I had irregular cycles often, it would not be so peculiar, but I am like a well-oiled machine and have very consistent 30-day cycles. 

 I did take a pregnancy test last week and it was negative… however, I don’t put a lot of faith in the results of home pregnancy tests as my last two pregnancies failed to appear “positive” until weeks 8 & 9 respectfully   (and even then, I had to take one at the medical clinic for a positive result).   I guess my body just doesn’t produce enough of the pregnancy hormone to be detected on the home tests…. arghhh.  

 So, I don’t know.  I kind of feel like I’m in limbo… not sure which way it will turn out.  I’m totally okay if I am pregnant.  It was CERTAINLY not expected, much less planned… but God is obviously the one in control.   We have been so busy with my sis’s wedding and my folk’s moving and our own adoption stuff that we havent had a whole lot of time lately for “you-know-what”…  And we’re always REALLY careful…   So in some ways I’d be really surprised if I wind up pregnant.   But I have been surprised in that department before! 🙂 

 Thankfully, Liberia is okay with continuing an adoption while pregnant, so we will stay on course there… although, we may think about changing our request to just one child instead of two this time around.  

  I’m headed to town later today and I think I’ll stop by the clinic for a test.  I’ll keep you posted…

 Tomorrow will be officially eight weeks since the start of my last cycle…   If I were occasionally irregular I might not be SO…  tomorrow it will

(This is a day late, but no less heart-felt!)

A FATHER’S DAY TRIBUTE TO MY GREAT HUSBAND (who is also a super-dad!) 


Ten reasons why he deserves the title ‘super-dad’:

  • He usually is the one to get up with Jo when she cries at night — and he lets me sleep in on the weekends (…lucky me!)
  • He doesn’t feel its beneath his manhood to carry the diaper bag or buy feminine items for me 🙂
  • He changes his fair share of poopy diapers (and since we are having a heck of a time potty-training her, this is becoming a more-appreciated trait by the month!!)
  • He plays imaginary games like he was two years old himself! and would read bed-time stories to her all night if I didn’t remind him of the time
  • He listens when I freak out when he is playing too roughly and he tones it down… and he is open to talk through any disagreements we have when it comes to discipline or other child-rearing issues
  • He is a very kind and loving father and is sooooo patient!  (I really try to be more like him in this area)
  • He will drop everything at work and come home instantly if we are having a crisis (we do own our own business and the shop is just four minutes away… but, hey, its still appreciated!)
  • He prays over Jo and our future kids every day
  • He just loves kids in general.  He is the kind of guy that kids warm up to instantly and are hanging off every limb and climbing all over before they’ve even known him for an hour. 
  • He is the man I hope our sons become and our daughters marry.

 Here are some of my favorite “daddy” photos of Peter (in no particular order):








My ‘charitable’ act of giving today was buying and drinking a chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s!  Yes, I know, SO sacrificial! 

Wendy’s is giving 50 cents from every Frosty purchased this weekend to their adoption foundation.  The foundation donates money to adoption agencies around the US…  I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a thick chocolate shake without guilt! 🙂

Just thought I would pass on the yummy opportunity to give to a good cause!

Just to keep you entertained!







Yep, she’s pretty darn cute.

I am having a hard time wrestling through a decision we made last week.  I haven’t said anything about it to many people because it was such a personal experience for us…  but I really need to get it out because it has been difficult to process.

 About a month ago, we inquired about one of the children with special needs at the orphanage. We were given all the available medical information at the time and based on this info, contacted specialists around the country.  I researched like crazy for days and finally composed a list of questions for a more thorough medical exam by a doctor.  The child was taken to a hospital and we were given the evaluation.  By this point in the process I had become very emotionally attached even though I tried so hard not to… The diagnosis from the doctor was not what we had hoped for.  It turned out to be a completely different condition than the one we were first told and was much more severe. 

 We spent a week on our knees imploring God for a clear word…  and on the phone with more specialists.  At the end of the week we decided that at this point we are not in the position to give this little child the care required based on where we live and the future unknowns surrounding the diagnosis as the child grows.

It was one of the hardest decisions we have ever made.  I agonized over it because how can a person make a decision like that?  How can we say ‘no’ to a life?  It was no longer an anonymous sea of nameless children but a specific face with a specific name and a history. I was up for hours at night beseeching God over so many things… why is there so much pain and brokeness in the world… why is it the CHILDREN that suffer the most… and I felt so strongly as my heart ached that I was touching just a piece of what HIS heart feels as He hears the cries of the babies and sees the tears of the children all over the world.  I just want to take them all! I want to be in a position to care for them all. There is such a need for families to take these precious children with their special needs… and I feel so selfish for having said no.  I feel like I am talking the talk and not walking it out.  Even though I know in my heart that we can’t realistically handle that particular special need at this point, especially if things turn out as predicted. 

And that is the crux of the matter.  It would be a completely life-altering, permanent decision…  with serious medical handicaps that we aren’t prepared to deal with.  You have to go into a decision like that with a clear sense from the Lord because it will turn everything upside down if you don’t have it.  And you also have to be united as a family.  I may have said yes because my heart was agonizing for this precious baby, but Peter (whom I trust to hear from God) felt more strongly that we needed to be realistic also. 

In the end, I feel like I did release the emotional ties I had created and felt a degree of peace with our decision, but have definitely still been wrestling with the issues in general.  We are still open to and actually hoping for the adoption of a special needs baby, but we are waiting for more direction.  We have some time to pray and get a better sense anyway because we can’t really do much until our I-600 approval comes through.

Well, my one and only sibling is now married.  Its a bit of a relief actually… I always hoped she’d find a great guy (that we got along with!) and she did.  It was a beautiful wedding and…. THE CAKE TURNED OUT!!!  YAY!!  (for those of you who haven’t read the earlier post, I made the wedding cake).  It was a little stressful transporting it to the reception site, and even more stressful when they had to carry it out to the dance floor, but it didn’t fall over.  (my one consolation had it tipped over was that it would have made a great blog entry!! 🙂   It actually tasted great too… all things considered.  You could hardly tell that it was missing key ingredients!

 I’m just going to share some pics of the wedding rather than describing it because ya know what they say about a thousand words and all that.

My sister and me (she was such a gorgeous bride!)


My family:


The Cake:



It was a beautiful place for a reception.  I didn’t get any ceremony pics since I was standing up front, but that was beautiful too!  (In a meadow beside a pond)


Joanna was a flower girl.  She did a great job for being so young.  She held my hand and actually skipped down the aisle!  It was rather funny.



Weddings are so romantic! you can’t help but feel lovey…


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