We’re all pretty tired and cranky around here due to three nights of major sleep-deprivation.  The causes: a new puppy and a very sick kid  (not a good combination!  Its a vicious cycle.  Jo will finally fall asleep and right away Sophie starts whining because she needs to go outside — this wakes Jo up and she cries for a long time because she not feeling well…. meanwhile Peter and I groggily take turns with both of them.)

She is really sick, though, so I have sympathy and don’t get too cranky at her (I’m just cranky in general, and poor Peter gets the brunt of it).  I took her in to the clinic on Thursday morning after she had a high fever all day Wednesday.  It turns out she has an ear infection and strep throat (again, curtesy of her cousins!)  We have her on antibiotics, and she is staring to feel a little better.

Boy, did I have a battle over getting her to swallow the last 1/4 teaspoon of her first dose of antibiotics!  I think I won, but it wasn’t pretty.  Peter was in Coeur d’ Alene so I didn’t have any reserves to call in.  By the end (of 45 minutes of battle) Jo and I were both covered in sticky antibiotic goo and tears.  I tried every trick in the book and begged and pleaded and threatened and reasoned… nothing worked.  She could sense if I added it to a glass of milk even before she tasted it.  She would close her litttle mouth sooo tight and refuse to open it.  She would spit back out whatever little amount I managed to get in and tried to convince me in through her tears that she was “all better” and didn’t need any medicine.  She had already taken one and a half tsps of baby motrin and the first 3/4 tsp of the antibiotic and was DONE.  Unfortunately, she really needed to get the full dose of the antibiotic for it to be effective, so it was essential to get that last bit in her.   She is usually pretty compliant, so this sudden streak of stubborness threw me for a loop.  I finally managed to squirt the last bit in the back of her mouth while she was hollering (and felt like such a mean mom)  —  At least she slept for a very long nap after expending so much energy.  I’m just holding my breath for the next dose!  I think I’ll let Peter have a go at it.