So I got my fingerprints taken today. I was quite disappointed.  For some reason I had it in my mind that I would come out of the appointment with a lovely set of inked fingers as PROOF that we are moving along in this process!  I failed to take in account that this is 2007, after all, and things are done digitally.  So, my fingertips are, sadly, completely clean and normal. 

Oh well, it is done!  Peter is going in to do his tomorrow and then we wait for our approval!  Baby steps.  At least all the researching and writing and collecting documents and filling out forms is done — the fingerprints were our last “job” .  Now we wait…. (and wait and wait.. but I’m sure you will be hearing all about that in due time)

It was all quite official.  I felt very “Alias-y” going into the government building, flashing my ID, finding my way through the maze of levels and offices… until I actually reached the office.  Then I just felt stupid because I forgot to grab my book when I left home.  I saw it sitting on the table as I ran out the door and hesitated for a moment, but didn’t take it.  Darn it!  I had to sit for almost an hour in a flourescent-lit, musky little government waiting room surrounded by people who spoke every other language in the world except english, and had NO reading material!  There wasn’t even a three year old copy of Reader’s Digest!  Nothing!  (Well, I did wander around reading the posts and notices on the walls about turning off your cell phone and where to send your address change forms and who to call if you disagreed with the proceedings of the day.) People came and went, and I sat… waiting.  I tried to help a nice young man with his paperwork (he obviously did not understand what he was supposed to do with the form) but after a frustrating attempt on both our parts to understand each other, we gave up and just smiled at each other every now and then.  (don’t worry, Peter, he was very young.)

 Finally they called my name and I went in through THE door — with everyone else in the room eyeing me with envy. It was so fast.  It took all of a couple minutes and I was done.  I exited with a smile on my face and drove the two hours home (yes, I had to drive over 100 miles to the closest CIS office)

Now I’m just praying that Peter’s prints can be read tomorrow.  Then we’ll really be celebrating!