I am a genuine “soccer mom” in the truest sense of the phrase… that is, I am a Mom and I play soccer…  on a league in Canada (I told you we were close to the border!)  We are the only US team in the league and I think all the other teams were skeptical about Americans (we aren’t known for our soccer stars, you know).  We aren’t doing as poorly as they might have thought, but we have yet to win a game.  We have come close a few times… 1-2  (we have also had a couple REALLY embarassing games, but I won’t tell you those scores)  All in all, as it is our first year playing as a team and since most of us haven’t played since high school a decade ago, I think we are doing okay. soccer-026.jpg

  Peter and I decided to join the team because we love the game and were happy at the opportunity to play together.  We are both in pretty good shape and very active, but whew! soccer is a demanding sport (ninety minutes of running).  We had forgotten about many of the muscles in our bodies until the morning after our first practice… and we remembered them quickly!

 It is a great deal of fun though, and I’m so glad we are playing.  We have two games a week for the next six weeks (it has been only once a week for the last six) and then a tournament in mid-July, so we will be in great shape by the end of summer.  Just call me “iron-mom”!


Here is an action shot.  I am number 13 in the white.  Yes, “lucky” number 13.  Although I don’t really believe in luck, so maybe I’m “providential” number 13 🙂


Here I am “fraternizing with the enemy”.  This guy was actually nice and we had a couple laughs.  He was darn fast though and I had to work hard to stay up with him.  Some of the other teams we play are cut-throat —  VERY aggressive and hyper-competitive (and as foul-mouthed as sailors.)  C’mon, guys, this is supposed to be a RECREATIONAL league… but, it is Canada and soccer is a serious thing.  I am highly competitve myself, but at least I’m CIVIL to the other teams…  It is, after all, just a game.