So my sister is getting married on Sunday.  (yes, in two days!) … and I am making her wedding cake.  She has some food intolerances and needed a cake that she could eat.  Originally she was going to make it herself, but when I found out I told her she was crazy with all the other responsibilites a bride has and volunteered to do it myself.  Yes, I know, I earned lots of sisterly points with that one!

   I like to bake, but a wedding cake puts a certain amount of pressure on a person.  This is THE cake… the most important cake of her life, probably, and I want it to look nice.  As far as tasting good — I don’t have very high expectations since it is pretty much a vegan, sugarless carrot cake (I’m not knocking vegans, but you just don’t usually associate this sort of diet with a wedding cake).  At least the wedding guests won’t be eating it — they get strawberry cheesecake.  However, I hope it turns out at least tolerable so they can handle the cake ceremony.   I found a recipe online that looked promising.  And then I called my best friend.

 I can go no further with this story without introducing my best friend, Sarah.  We have been best friends since we were 12.  We have all kinds of REALLY embarassing stories about each other and have been through bad hair-cuts, junior high crushes, jealous spats, engagements, miscarriages, marriage and kids and now live across the road from each other.  She is my “person” (for those of you who watch Gray’s) — the kind of friend you can call in the middle of the night and drop by unexpectedly.  The kind of friend that knows what you’re thinking and knows exactly what to say at the right time.  The best thing is that our girls are 4 months apart and love each other.  They do fight like crazy, but since neither of them has siblings yet, we figure they are just practising on each other!

  Thankfully Sarah agreed to help me with the cake (so I can split the blame if necessary).  We’ve had our own little cooking show for years – “The Elly and June Show” – (We haven’t gotten any major networks to pick us up yet, but we’re still hopeful… maybe this cake will be our big break!!)  We got together this morning at Sarah’s house to bake it.  It actually went fairly well (other than the fact that I forgot to add salt! oops… nothing to be done about it now.  Don’t tell the networks!)  But I had to post a couple pics of Jo and Zoe entertaining themselves while we were occupied in the kitchen:

First, they spilled a whole bag of popcorn on the floor … we just let them have fun since the mess was already made.

They took turns pushing each other around the house in the stroller

Then they spilled a bottle of bubbles and slipped around in the stuff…


We baked.

And they turned out okay!  Stay tuned for the final product!