Well, my one and only sibling is now married.  Its a bit of a relief actually… I always hoped she’d find a great guy (that we got along with!) and she did.  It was a beautiful wedding and…. THE CAKE TURNED OUT!!!  YAY!!  (for those of you who haven’t read the earlier post, I made the wedding cake).  It was a little stressful transporting it to the reception site, and even more stressful when they had to carry it out to the dance floor, but it didn’t fall over.  (my one consolation had it tipped over was that it would have made a great blog entry!! 🙂   It actually tasted great too… all things considered.  You could hardly tell that it was missing key ingredients!

 I’m just going to share some pics of the wedding rather than describing it because ya know what they say about a thousand words and all that.

My sister and me (she was such a gorgeous bride!)


My family:


The Cake:



It was a beautiful place for a reception.  I didn’t get any ceremony pics since I was standing up front, but that was beautiful too!  (In a meadow beside a pond)


Joanna was a flower girl.  She did a great job for being so young.  She held my hand and actually skipped down the aisle!  It was rather funny.



Weddings are so romantic! you can’t help but feel lovey…