(This is a day late, but no less heart-felt!)

A FATHER’S DAY TRIBUTE TO MY GREAT HUSBAND (who is also a super-dad!) 


Ten reasons why he deserves the title ‘super-dad’:

  • He usually is the one to get up with Jo when she cries at night — and he lets me sleep in on the weekends (…lucky me!)
  • He doesn’t feel its beneath his manhood to carry the diaper bag or buy feminine items for me 🙂
  • He changes his fair share of poopy diapers (and since we are having a heck of a time potty-training her, this is becoming a more-appreciated trait by the month!!)
  • He plays imaginary games like he was two years old himself! and would read bed-time stories to her all night if I didn’t remind him of the time
  • He listens when I freak out when he is playing too roughly and he tones it down… and he is open to talk through any disagreements we have when it comes to discipline or other child-rearing issues
  • He is a very kind and loving father and is sooooo patient!  (I really try to be more like him in this area)
  • He will drop everything at work and come home instantly if we are having a crisis (we do own our own business and the shop is just four minutes away… but, hey, its still appreciated!)
  • He prays over Jo and our future kids every day
  • He just loves kids in general.  He is the kind of guy that kids warm up to instantly and are hanging off every limb and climbing all over before they’ve even known him for an hour. 
  • He is the man I hope our sons become and our daughters marry.

 Here are some of my favorite “daddy” photos of Peter (in no particular order):