So my clever little title is about a very unexpected, very curious, very nerve-racking situation we are experiencing here at the G. house.   As of tomorrow, I will be officially four weeks late…  (and I’m not talking about returning library books!)   FOUR WEEKS!*?!*?!  Perhaps if I had irregular cycles often, it would not be so peculiar, but I am like a well-oiled machine and have very consistent 30-day cycles. 

 I did take a pregnancy test last week and it was negative… however, I don’t put a lot of faith in the results of home pregnancy tests as my last two pregnancies failed to appear “positive” until weeks 8 & 9 respectfully   (and even then, I had to take one at the medical clinic for a positive result).   I guess my body just doesn’t produce enough of the pregnancy hormone to be detected on the home tests…. arghhh.  

 So, I don’t know.  I kind of feel like I’m in limbo… not sure which way it will turn out.  I’m totally okay if I am pregnant.  It was CERTAINLY not expected, much less planned… but God is obviously the one in control.   We have been so busy with my sis’s wedding and my folk’s moving and our own adoption stuff that we havent had a whole lot of time lately for “you-know-what”…  And we’re always REALLY careful…   So in some ways I’d be really surprised if I wind up pregnant.   But I have been surprised in that department before! 🙂 

 Thankfully, Liberia is okay with continuing an adoption while pregnant, so we will stay on course there… although, we may think about changing our request to just one child instead of two this time around.  

  I’m headed to town later today and I think I’ll stop by the clinic for a test.  I’ll keep you posted…

 Tomorrow will be officially eight weeks since the start of my last cycle…   If I were occasionally irregular I might not be SO…  tomorrow it will