YAY!!!  We got our USCIS approval today!  This means (for all my non-adopting friends who read this) that we are now eligible for a referral!! 

  I wasn’t really expecting it this quickly.  (well, I have been hiding out down by the mailbox and running up to check it the minute the mail-lady pulls away! 🙂  but its only been two weeks since our fingerprinting, so I figured it would be at least another couple weeks. 

  Too bad Peter is in Coeur d’Alene on an install until Friday…  Its just not the same celebrating over a glass of milk with a two-year-old.  *sigh*  He always misses the good stuff.

As for the other topic: 

  I took an “official” pregnancy test at the clinic yesterday.  I was, of course, on pins and needles and REALLY wanted to hear the results immediately.  But the lab techs that administered the test (well, they gave me the cup to pee in)  said that they couldn’t give me the results — a DOCTOR had to review it – !!?!?  Honestly.  How difficult can it be?  Positive … or, well, … negative!   (Yes, I understand it is for liability purposes — and I was nice about it, but I had to wait until today to find out!) 

So my doc’s nurse called me around noon today and told me that the results were negative.  And then she told tell me that because it is unusual for me to be so late, they would like me to come in tomorrow for some tests.  So, the saga isn’t over yet.  I’m sure I’m just all out of whack in the hormone department due to stress…  we’ll see.

 I have to admit, I was just a wee bit disappointed.  Three weeks ago when I first wondered if I might be pregnant I was really hoping I wasn’t… not that I don’t want to have more bio kids in the future, but at this point, I really want to adopt kids!!  It would certainly mix things a bit to be expecting a baby in nine months…  However, after three weeks of thinking it MUST be a pregnancy, I sort of got used to the idea!  (not that I am going to do anything to make it come true!) 

 So it was a good thing the I-600a approval came today just hours after talking to the nurse.  It was like getting a positive pregnancy test for the adoption!  So its official — we are ‘expecting’!! 🙂

  Because, after all, we are I-600a approved!!