Our electricity has been out all day (yet another joy of rural living, Rae!)  And, to top if off, we lost power as I was at the end of writing a long email … that I lost every word of.    Oh well.  You’d think I would be used to it and get smarter about saving my drafts as I write.   I can’t figure out why it was out all day though, since it’s sunny today.  On stormy days I usually expect to lose power for a while, but not days like today.  During the winter we are sometimes without electricity for days at a time — seriously!   We’ve gotten really creative with how many appliances we can run off a generator.

  I would actually appreciate some rainy weather right about now.  Our well pump is on the fritz and we had to switch over to using the spring for our water.  This means we are in ‘water-conservation’ mode until we get it fixed and I have to hand-water all my flowers, lawn and garden.  Grrrhhh.   Takes about an hour and a half each day to get it all soaked.  I’ll sure not take it for granted the next time I can just set up a sprinker, turn on the faucet and walk away! 

  On the bright side, all the standing around with the hose has given me the opportunity to do alot of thinking…  and praying…  

  God is really delving deep in my heart as I’m praying through a couple big issues… I can feel alot of pre-conceptions in my heart and mind crumbling.  Its always a little scary when the Holy Spirit starts working on pre-conceptions because we never know where we’re going to end up!  After all, if it doesn’t turn out like we pre-conceived, it means we’ve lost our control over the outcome.  God loves mixing it all up!  Thankfully He does it in a gentle way and knows how much we can handle at one time.  He will stretch us until we think we’re going to snap! — but when its over, we realize how much taller and stronger and more flexible we’ve become!    

   I like flexible!

  Oh yes… We got the results from the (pregnancy) blood test this weekend and it was negative also.   So I am officially not-pregnant.  I had the best glass of Chardonnay ever as soon as we found out (I had been looking longingly at it for the last four weeks!!)  We figure its just a hormonal freak-out and I am going to enjoy my little hiatus from my monthly cyle now that I’m not wondering about a bun in the oven.  Its actually rather nice to have a break. 

  We got a fair amount done on our backyard over the weekend (we are putting on a deck, changing our fenceline and adding another flower garden.)  And then we actually sat down together and watched a movie last night.  We have been really busy lately — its been over a month since we just sat and vegged out on the couch in front of a movie.  It was so great!  The movie wasn’t phenomenal… but the sitting and enjoying it was!  🙂  

Here is the rewarding part of all our gardening work (including hours with the hose):