We had a breakthrough this weekend with Joanna. She is now pretty much potty-trained! Hooray!  Its been a long time coming. 

Unfortunately, she is so excited about keeping her pull-ups dry, she has taken them off by herself the last couple days at nap time, so when I walk in to get her up, I am greeted by a proud little girl and a very wet (and/or poopy) mess in the crib.  (Argghhh! and Ewwww!)  But, I guess the point is that she is learning not to go in her pants!  Hopefully she understood the detailed explanation I gave her today about it being okay to go in her diaper if she is still in her bed after a nap… and better yet, to yell really loud for me to come get her!  I can see how life is a bit confusing for a two-year-old learning when/where/how things are to be done… 

Like this morning when she discovered the roll of postage stamps on my desk and used them to decorate the front of a notebook like we’ve done with stickers many times before (an expensive little project because it was almost a full roll!)  But again,  she’s learning to be independent and is so pleased with herself when she does things on her own.  It certainly is a messy and time-consuming season though — and I just have one kiddo at this point.  I so admire moms with multiple toddlers.  They deserve medals! 

 Anyway, as far as an adoption update — we are still praying about a couple of the waiting children with special needs.  We have an appointment with a pediatrician in Spokane to review some medical reports and get some more input.  Its always faith-building to be waiting on the Lord for guidance with a major decision.  I alternate between completely trusting that He will make things clear, and being almost sick to my stomach at the thought of making the wrong decision.

 We have spent alot of time praying and discussing “how do we know when we’ve heard from God”?  It doesn’t seem like such a big deal to hear from God on smaller, less-drastic issues…  But when you’re talking about a huge life-changing decision, it suddenly becomes so important to know you are being led in the right direction! 

However, we know that from the very beginning of this adoption process, God has been incredibly faithful to lead us by opening and closing doors. We started down several different “paths” toward other countries and the doors just slammed shut after we asked God to make His way clear.  So we are trusting Him to continue leading us by His peace.  I am understanding Phil 4:7 in a completely new light these days:  I always assumed that the “peace that passes understanding” came naturally as a result of giving our worries to the Lord.  I am realizing more and more that as we pray for direction, it is the peace (or lack thereof) that God actually uses to “guide our hearts and minds”  in a very physical, active way.  Its not just a nice by-product of asking God for guidance, its the method He uses to direct us much of the time!

The most incredible thing about that “guiding peace” is that it transcends our own understanding… our own reasoning… and our own pre-conceptions.  Thank God!