We had our annual 4th of July family BBQ at my grandparent’s house yesterday.  They live on a private lake,so we always have so much fun swimming and fishing and catching turtles for turtle races (…without rabbits involved, turtle racing is a highly competetive and rather exciting event!! )  Actually, catching the turtles is the exciting part — we consider if a success if no one falls out of the row boat during the process!  *note* no turtles are harmed during the day and they all make it back to the lake one way or another!  🙂

 We had a great time visiting with relatives that we don’t get to see very often.   And, as usual at one of my family gatherings, there was alot of good-natured jesting and much laughter! 

It was another reminder of how blessed we are to live in this country!

A few of the turtle shots:



This little guy was particularly persistent!!!  (He got off course a bit, but found his way back to the water all the same)