I’ve had several people ask if we were going to keep his name or change it.

We really love the name Henry.  It was actually one of the things that first grabbed my attention.   I’ve always liked the name and was surprised to see it given to a little African boy!  (Although alot of the kids in Liberia seem to have ‘old-fashioned’ English names… must be from the colonial history…)

Anyway, we are happy to keep the name his mother gave to him.  It will be a special piece of his history. 

We will give him the middle name, Isaiah.  God gave me several directional and highly encouraging promise-scriptures out of the book of Isaiah while we were praying about Henry, so it is significant for the next chapter in his life-story.  Plus, it sounds beautiful with the name Henry.  🙂

Both names have fitting and significant meanings:

Henry means: “the ruler/leader of one’s home or homeland”

Isaiah means: “God is our salvation”