I just wanted to share something that I think is pretty awesome… and totally a “God thing”…

The year before Joanna was born, I had a very traumatic second-trimester miscarriage.  I was close to fifteen weeks along.  It was not only painful, but also very difficult to process emotionally.  Thankfully, I was able to get pregnant with Joanna soon after I lost my first baby, but I had to work through the grief of losing a child that I carried for so long and who represented many hopes and dreams. 

At the beginning of our initial inquiry process with Henry, we were told his birthday was August 1st.  However,  Donna called earlier this week to tell me that the date was wrong and his actual birthday is July 15th…  the exact due date of my first baby!!! 

Coincidence?  No sireee…  God does not miss a thing!  My heart did a flippy-thing when Donna told me the date because it was such another confirmation that Henry is our son… and a promise fulfilled. 

Just thought I’d share this great testimony of God’s faithfulness and His meticulous attention to detail!