Today is Henry’s first birthday.  Its hard not being with him, but I am so grateful that he is well-taken care of.  I just pray that he will feel an extra amount of love today from thoughts and prayers a half a world away.

I am smiling as I anticipate all the birthday parties for Henry in the years ahead.  I am so looking forward to having a son!  Trucks and airplanes, frogs and lizards, boats and tractors! (yes, some girls are also fascinated by these things… but so far my little woman shows far more propensity toward girlly stuff…)

And even though we weren’t the ones who ushered him into this life, we will be the ones to kiss his ‘owies’ and tuck him in at night. We will laugh at his silliness and calm his fears.  We will take him camping and swimming and teach him the difference between a square knot and a slip knot.  We will read him stories and build forts in the living room with blankets. We will be the ones who will cheer like crazy when he takes his first steps and do everything in our power to help him reach his fullest potential… and we will be there to love him absolutely unconditionally for just who he is.  We are looking forward to  discovering what God placed inside him: his hopes and dreams, his likes and dislikes.  We are so blessed to have the honor of raising this child… our son! 

Happy Birthday, Henry Isaiah!