Its been quite an exciting afternoon around here!  Well, no lions and tigers… but bears!  Or, more specifically, a bear.  A black bear right out behind our house (I told you we lived in the wild!)  We’ve been hearing some commotion in the woods near our place for a couple days now and suspected it was a bear from the sound of it, but we hadn’t seen him (or, um, her) until today.  He (she?) climbed up in a tree just a stone’s throw from our backyard!  I went tearing into the house for my camera and then tearing through the weeds in the meadow to get a better shot.  I got really close.  Close enough to see his adorable face!  I really wasn’t all that worried because he was a smallish bear and the dogs were all there barking up a storm, so I didn’t think he would bother me.   However, I beat a hasty retreat when he unexpectedly scrambled back down the tree!! 

Three months ago it was a mountain lion in a tree even closer…. That was just downright scary!  I don’t mind black bears out back because they tend to mind their own business… but cougars are highly aggresive and hunt for prey including cats and dogs (and I definitely don’t like them around my small kiddo!).  We called our local animal control (AKA: our good friend and neighbor) and he brought his dogs in to follow the trail.  They ended up running the mountain lion out of this area and probably scared it enough that it won’t be back. 

So there are definite thrills and dangers living out where we do, and we take the necessary precautions… but the flip side is that we don’t have to lock our house at night, the bad guys we worry about have fur and sharp claws, not guns and drugs, and the kids have twenty acres to run free on… and we get to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, forest, and safe wildlife!  We have a beautiful albino deer that has lived in this area for the past three years.  She is really striking and when I manage to get a good picture, I’ll share it.  I see her all the time, but wouldn’t ya know it, I can never seem to catch her with my camera ready!  

Here are the bear pics: