Most people think Washington state is cool and rainy all year long… but its not!  At least not this half!  We live on the VERY HOT, VERY DRY side of the Cascade Mountains… We never get as much rain as we would like.  In fact, I think we are technically classified as a mountainous desert region.  It was close to 106 degrees here much of last week, and so dry…  the kind of hot dryness that makes your skin feel like its going to crack and split like a crocodile from the lack of moisture in the air!  It has since cooled off to a blessed 85 degrees or so the past four days, we’ve been graced by a few rain clouds that have added H2O to the air, and I am remembering once again just why I love summer… 

We had a great day at the river today with Peter’s family…  Here are some highlights:

Skipping rocks on the river (well, throwing them if you’re the two year old!)


She stopped and looked up at me with the sweetest look — I love sharing moments like this with her where we are both just so happy to be alive!


Playing in the sand…


…building sandcastles!


Hanging out with my niece:


Peter taking the girls wading/swimming:


Eating LOTS AND LOTS of watermelon!!!