Joanna and I made bread today.   I always feel so nostalgic whenever I bake bread because my mom taught me, and my grandma taught her.   I feel tied to my past when I roll up my sleeves and knead the soft warm dough…  I have so many special memories of helping my mom make bread when I was a kid.  It doesn’t seem like enough time has gone by to be making it by myself with my daughter helping me!  Ahhh… I must be getting old!

I don’t really look forward to baking bread (in fact, I put it off for weeks…)  but I actually do enjoy it once I begin.  There is just something comforting about grinding the wheat, mixing the simple ingredients together and kneading the dough.  I always end up with flour everywhere because my little helper isn’t all that coordinated and yet is determined to pour the ingredients in and knead her own little ball of dough!  It really is a day-long process because of how long it takes for the dough to rise between the initial mixing and the final kneading (with sub-kneadings in between…) The best part is when the fresh loaves comes out of the oven and we cut huge slices and lather on the butter… yum!  Theres nothing like it!  

I’m not an aspiring pioneer woman making my own bread (sorry to disappoint you, Rae 🙂  I have to bake bread every six weeks or so because Jo has some significant food allergies and she can’t eat some of the ingredients in bread from the store.  So I am kind of forced to connect with my roots in this way, because, lets be honest, can you imagine what you would do without the option of PBJs for your kid’s lunch?  Its an uncomfortable sort of feeling when I take that last loaf out of the freezer…  I will sleep well tonight knowing that there are six sandwich-filled weeks ahead of me before I have to roll up my sleeves and start over!

(*note: I actually love to cook… I just don’t care much for baking bread from scratch because it is such a long, messy process.) 

Here’s the proud little baker waiting patiently for me to get the bread knife:


Well, maybe not so patiently!


And finally eating it…  I look hot and tired.  I was hot and tired!  The oven heated the whole house up.  You would think I would be smart enough to wait until a cooler day!   But when the bread-baking inspiration hits, I have to take advantage of it! (its been several weeks now since I’ve been out of bread for Jo and enough was enough!)