We had our last soccer game on Wednesday night.  I’m sad the season is over because we’ve had such a great time, but it will be nice not to have to run for ninety minutes straight in the heat!  We tied our last game against a skilled team, so it was a nice way to end the year.  Peter made a goal, too, so he was stoked.  I was playing defensive wing for most of the game and this really tall striker from the other team whammed into me — hard.  He caught the bone right under my eye with his shoulderblade and I have a nice little bruise to show for it.  But that and a few bruises on my legs are the only ‘war wounds’ from this season, so I can’t complain!

We have a great team.  Can’t wait for next year, guys!


I’m so glad Peter and I got to play together!  (thanks, Mom and Donna for watching Jo!)