Okay, this question is for all you seasoned bloggers out there.  (I suppose I could borrow “Blogging for Dummies” from the library, but I’m not headed to town for a couple days, so I’m drawing on my e-resources…) 

When someone asks you a question in a comment, do you:

A.) Reply with a comment on your own blog under the same post (the “con” of this is: what if they never check the comments section again after leaving their initial comment and question?)

B.) Reply with the answer in a comment on their blog (pro: they will get the answer / con: its kind of awkward to go off talking about a subject that has nothing to do with their post… )

C.) Just assume it is a rhetorical question and don’t worry about responding.

(Don’t worry, this is not a test for those of you who shudder at the sight of multiple choice!  I’m a teacher at heart, so I still think in terms of multiple choice… strange, huh?)
And, sorry if it seems kind of nit-picky.  Obviously if its a highly important question I’ll email the person… I’m just talking about the little questions that often come up.  I’m trying to reconcile real-life etiquette with blogger-etiquette and I don’t want to come across rude by not answering questions. 

Oh, I guess I should add:

D.) None of the above (but if this is your answer… please let me know how you respond to questions!)