Many of you reading this are well aware of the situation in Liberia, but for those of my friends and family outside the AoH loop, I would like to ask for your prayers.  There is a recent situation with the adoption process in Liberia that could potentially slow things WAY down unless something changes (unfortunately, things like this happen fairly often in international adoption and time-frames can be extended for unbearable lengths of time…)  This affects every family in the process of adopting through Acres of Hope, even those who haven’t received their referrals yet, because the orphanges are full of children waiting to get the releasing documents to be able to join their families, and there is no room for additional children.  It must be so difficult for Acres to have to turn children away, knowing full well how many families are ready to accept their referrals. 

Needless to say, this is really disheartening for everyone.  My heart goes out to those families especially who are so close to bringing their kids home, and many who fully expected to already have them here by now.  

Please just pray for a miraculous intervention and a change of heart in those who have the authority to reverse the situation!