This is Alice.  We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help her go to school.  She lives in Burkina Faso, a west african country close to Liberia.  She has never been to school before and the opportunity to go represents an infathomable difference in her future.  

I talked to Ann, the director of Until All Have Homes, about putting in a quick word here about their sponsorship program.  I was really touched by the story and plea to pass the word on to family and friends to help get the rest of the kids sponsored so they, too, can go to school.  I know there are so many opportunities to sponsor children… it can seem overwhelming sometimes.  We felt like this was another sponsorship God wanted us to sow into at this point, and I wanted to share this great opporunity to bless a child.

From Ann’s post:  “I really need everyones help!!! We have some darling children on our site from Africa who want to go to school. When our coordinator in Africa put out the “word” that she was getting info and taking of pictures of children who wanted to go to school, these kids LINED UP!!!! I mean this is HUGE for them!! They put on their Sunday clothes and SHOWED up at the place they were taking the pictures!! And we aren’t talking digital camera either!!! LOL. OLD FASHIONED PICTURES!! We have over 54 kids on our sponsorship page that want to go to school. We have been blessed by 19 sponsors as of today. That means there are still 35 children who need sponsors!! I was praying and I thought I don’t want to tell these kids that they dont’ have a sponsor to go to school!! So I am not. I am asking for everyones prayers and help. You might not have the extra money but maybe you can team up with a friend. Or maybe several friends. You could pray for a couple of the kids or all of them, that sponsors would come forward.”

If you feel led, please follow this link to the UAHH website and you will find the sponsorship information on the upper left-hand corner.   It is only $125 a year ($10.41 a month) and it really does make such an incredible difference in the kid’s lives.
I love the UAHH mission and have volunteered to help with their ministry.  If you haven’t followed my sidebar link to them yet, you really should.  All the volunteers are adoptive moms with such a heart for waiting and special needs kids worldwide to find families. (I first saw Henry’s picture on their site, so they definitely hold a special place in my heart! 🙂 Many, many children have been blessed by Ann’s ministry.