Well, we had a great weekend.  (for not being in Wisconsin at the Acres of Hope festival…  I am sooo looking forward to going next year!!)

Peter ended up having to stay in Idaho through Saturday, so he took Monday off and we did the Sunday/Monday weekend thing that always messes me up for the rest of the week!  (but it does make Friday come ALOT sooner!)

We’ve been planning a camping trip for weeks and were all set to leave Saturday night…, but then we decided that we really didn’t want to go after all.  It was a great idea in theory, but when we remembered how much work it takes (even though it is really worth it in the end), we decided to go “imaginary camping” instead! 🙂  We just stayed home and got some work done out back and played with Jo and set up Henry’s crib (just for fun… he obviously won’t be coming home any time soon…) and went swimming.  It was a great relaxing weekend that made me appreciate my husband and the awesome friend he is.  I really like hanging out with the guy! 🙂

I finally got the chance to check the AoH yahoo group for the first time in a couple days and lots of exciting things are happening!  There are several transitions going on and passports being issued and referrals being accepted and I am just SO excited for everyone involved.  It really feels like we are a great big family and I am rejoicing with my dear friends.  Whoo-hoo!