I have had such a heavy burden on my heart the past few weeks for the children waiting for homes at our agency’s orphanage because of their medical or developmental needs… as well as the thousands of children worldwide that desperately need families, but who will often go for years without being adopted because of the challenges associated with their conditions.  These kids are no less deserving of a loving family and a mommy and daddy than any other child, and in some cases, may even die if they aren’t adopted… and yet, they wait.  So many times there are willing parents who would love to open their family to adopt a special needs child, but who can’t because of the very real logistical considerations.  It does take time and money (…and a good insurance policy.) 

Obviously this is an issue that is very close to my heart.  We didn’t set out to adopt a child with special needs… but as God drew our hearts toward Henry, He also opened our eyes to the many, many waiting orphans worldwide.  My heart just aches to think about all the children waiting for their families.  It makes me want to do something to make a difference in their lives.  I feel so helpless.  Henry is just a drop in the bucket.  And, yet… he is a drop.  He is one less waiting child.  One of my all-time favorite quotes is by Helen Keller:

“I am only one… but still I am one.  And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the thing I can do.”

I can pray… and brainstorm about ways to help… and give… and be obedient to the stirring deep inside.  I know God loves using ordinary people to help in extraordinary ways.  I loved this post that Ann wrote on her blog about the beginnings of UAHH.  Once again… ordinary people and extraordinary results.  It struck a chord in my heart.  I so want to be used to change children’s lives for the better… and there is so much I can do!

I am working to put together a fund-raising site to help generate some funding to use for grants to help with special needs adoptions.  I started the site to help with funding for Henry’s adoption, but realized when I was working on it that the need is so much bigger than our little journey.  So I want to expand my thinking and step out in faith and ask God to provide… through donations and creativity, so that more kids are able to come home.  I know it also helps to just get the word out… to raise awareness about the varying levels of special needs and the tremendous need for families to adopt them.

We are hoping to be able to adopt more special needs kids in the future, too (I’m hoping for sooner rather than later!!) Obviously, there are financial considerations, but we’re learning about the provision that is promised when we step out in faith.

There are a variety of people from every corner of the country who read this… and I know many of you feel the same way about helping more of these kids find families, so if any of you have divinely-inspired ideas (or just regular ol’ ideas!) about fundraising to help more kids come home, or if you want to jump on board, please let me know!  There’s “wisdom in the multitude of counsel…”