Tomorrow (Thurs. 8/9) the founder and director of our agency, Patty Anglin, is going to be meeting with the “visa-lady” at the US embassy in Liberia to discuss the situation with the visa appointments and to appeal for more to be issued each week — particularly for the children with physical conditions who need medical intervention soon.  Please join us in praying (and fasting if you feel led!) for a positive outcome from this meeting!  I have realized as I’ve done more reading on this visa situation that it is similar to what happened in Cambodia in 2003… and the US government is still not issuing visas to allow orphaned children from Cambodia to come to the US.  I knew there was a halt on Cambodian adoptions but I didn’t realize it was a visa issue.  So we do need to take the visa slow-down seriously (even though there are no indications that it will turn out like Cambodia… it is international adoption and anything is possible).  At the very least, we are looking at a significant delay in getting kids home and therefore less room in the orphanage to take in children that really need help unless something changes.  So PLEASE join us praying for tomorrow!  (and remember that tomorrow in Liberia actually happens tonight here!)