No, I didn’t actually eat them together.  I’ve just been eating lots of ice-cream while making pickles and its a fun reminder that yes, I am “pregnant”…  just not in the traditional sense! 


I spent several days last week pickling and canning a ton of veggies…  I’ve also been freezing and drying like crazy… cucmbers, zucchini, broccoli and peppers mainly so far…  Hopefully this week I’ll get to the beans and tomatoes . This is the most labor-intensive part of growing a garden — putting up everything you’ve spent countless hours weeding and watering.   My best friend and I were talking the other day about how much work it is, and yet we don’t even consider the option that we don’t really have to do it!  We were both raised growing big gardens every year and canning, drying and freezing fruits and vegetables.   So to us, its like second nature, even though it is ALOT of work!  Of course, I say that now since I’ve been up to my elbows in pickle juice 🙂 but I’ll remember why I do it when I open a jar of salsa in January and smell the fresh summeriness coming from inside!  Plus… I do feel good about having organic food in the pantry without having to pay typical organic prices!

 So there you go…. that was my little pep talk to keep me going.  Be careful about your comments.  A few encouraging words will help convince me that it really is worth it, but  if you say I’m nuts, I might just agree with you and throw in the towel altogether!!  🙂 

Lest you think its all work and no reward… here’s my favorite aspect of gardening!!!  Its so rewarding to be able to just walk outside and pick an armful of colors.  I really do love to grow flowers.  I like them and for the most part they like me back.  One of these years I’m not going to grow vegetables and just spend all my gardening energy on the things that bloom like this!