Saturday we took Jo to Riverfront Park in Spokane.  We really love this park (Peter proposed on one of the bridges over the falls… so it holds a special sentimental place in my heart…)  We didn’t know that it was “Kid’s Day” at the park and were happily surprised to find the whole place teeming with lots of rides and fun activites geared toward children.  It is so much fun now that Jo is getting old enough to really enjoy things like this.  There were so many families and hundreds of kids running around enthusiastically.  I loved just watching the kids because they were all so excited!  I’m really looking forward to adding more children to our family.

There is a fantastic old carousel at the park:


Peter always rides the carousel with Jo… I don’t do so well going in circles! 🙂  This was the first time she rode all by herself on a horse.  She had a pretty worried look at first, but after she realized how much fun it was, she LOVED it.


We usually feed the ducks when we go to this park, but apparently there weren’t any hungry ducks on Saturday, so we fed the geese.  They were so friendly; they ate the bread right out of my hands.




Jo went down the slide many times!


And got her face painted…



and played in the fountains:


We walked down to the bridge where Peter proposed. Ugh… I got such knots in my stomach when he walked out there with Jo on his shoulders (its a looong way down!)  Its funny to me that I am so cautious when my daughter is around.  I have always been an adrenaline-lovin’ risk-taker, ever ready for an adventure… but if Jo is around I am super-conservative!  I hope this is a good thing, and that I’m not going to be too much of a wimp later when she wants to do adventurous things herself.  Hmmm… its such a balancing act, being a mom, isn’t it?


So we had a great time, but the best part of the day was later in the evening when my parents watched Jo and we got to go on a DATE!!!  Wahoo!!  Its been far too long since we’ve done this!   We went to dinner (P.F. Chang —  YUM!) and walked around downtown (had to pop into Baby Gap to ogle the baby boy clothes! 🙂 went to a movie (Bourne Ultimatum… which was great, by the way… very intense.  In fact, I don’t think there was a single scene that didn’t have me on the edge of my seat!)  and then went out for dessert before heading back home.  It was a great night with my favorite guy in the world.  I always feel like I’m seventeen again when we go out like this.  I’m half-expecting a good-night kiss at the door and a good-bye! 🙂 

We made a strict pact several years ago to not talk about “business” when we are out on a date. (Which reminds me, I added a link to our woodworking website on the sidebar, so you can get an idea of what we do).  Those of you that have started your own business can relate to this, I’m sure.  It can be kind of all-consuming at times and you have to take time to escape from the weight of it!  We were really good Saturday night and it didn’t even come up once… Thanks, Peter!