We got great news from Patty about her meeting with the US Consulate in Liberia yesterday!  They were able to agree on solutions to the specific concerns we’ve had about the situation.   Patty came away from the meeting encouraged about the changes and with the perspective that the new policies are actually beneficial for adoptions in Liberia.  Patty proposed that children be allowed to be “pre-approved” for their visas at the same time their birth parents initially relinquish them for adoption in order to avoid the potential impossibility of tracking down the parents much later.  The consulate agreed to this and also to the appeal for a second day a week for visa processing!  And, she was so blessed by the many testimonies of special needs kids that she agreed to give special consideration to medically fragile children. 

The consulate was also very encouraged by Patty’s obvious heart for ALL the children of Liberia and how deeply Acres is involved in humanitarian aid throughout the country.  I think it was good for her to hear Patty share so passionately about the variety of programs she oversees that benefit so many children.  

I was so encouraged by the obvious open heaven over the meeting.   It was such an answer to prayer.  Thank you all for joining with us in prayer and fasting over the past weeks especially.  We still need to continue praying for all the children currently in the process, because their relinquishing parents will still need to be found in order for their visas to be issued. 

God is faithful.  I feel so blessed that He is intimately involved in our lives and hears our prayers.  It gives me hope and I pray it encourages those of you that aren’t adopting (yet!) that God is in control of every step along the way.