Well,  I have been evicted.  Or, rather, my stuff has been evicted.  I have boxes and boxes of stuff still at my parent’s house (they have been kind enough to store them for me, along with several items of furniture and a great many books, for the past nine years since I moved out.)  I’m sure some of you are familiar with the kind of boxes I mean… ones filled with childhood memorabilia, letters, photos, textbooks, applications, certifications, newspaper articles, crumbled dried flowers (??) and a ton of other stuff I threw in boxes because I couldn’t bear parting with it years ago, and now I think why in the world did I keep that??!?

My parents have moved to a little house in Spokane (90 miles south of us) because my dad was transferred.  So they are working at getting their big house (here) cleaned out and ready to sell sooner or later.  I was politely given my eviction notice several weeks ago, and since then I have been sorting through a great many dusty boxes and trying to figure out what I really want to keep (especially since it is all coming to my house now!!)

It always sparks a bit of a silly, sentimental melancholy when I wade through the piles of papers & miscellaneous from my past.  I get kind of nostalgic and start misting up reminiscing over good times and memories.  It always makes me stop and think about how short life really is, because it doesn’t seem like its been ten, fifteen or twenty years since some of those memories were made.  I get choked up thinking about my kids growing up and how fast time goes by.  I know, I know, its so silly….  Peter knows by now when this melancholy mood is coming and he just rolls his eyes! 🙂 

I’m sad about them selling the house, too, because it was the house I grew up in and it holds so many memories.  (Its also just down the road from us and I can see it out my kitchen window, so I’ve been spoiled having them that close for so long!)  The house is just beautiful… and it sits right on an ridge of aspens overlooking the Columbia River, with 20 acres of fields and forest, a well-established orchard and vineyard, gorgeous landscaping and a great big garden.  When we bought the land, there was nothing on it.  We built the barn first and then lived in it for two years while my dad built the house.  (yes, I lived in a barn… and yes, it was quite an experience! — theres a “little-known fact” about me for you!  🙂  We worked really hard as a family for so many years to create the gorgeous place it is today.  So, understandably, its difficult to think of the property not staying in the family.  Ah, such is life.  Change happens and even though I hate it at times, I have to learn to look forward and anticipate all the possibilties that it brings with it.  

Here are some pictures of my parent’s place.  I think one of you should buy it!!!  (there you go, Denise!!  Its your opportunity!!)  Then I could have a blogging friend right down the road! 🙂

It is really an amazing house.  My old room is up in the “attic” to the right with the dormer and the teeny balcony.  I know …. how lucky was I growing up?!?  I didn’t appreciate it enough.  I couldn’t wait to move out.  Now I wish I could move back in! 😉



The vineyard (small, but we get a lot of grapes off the seven rows!)  My dad made wine for a while, but there is a winery across the river that will take as much as we can grow.




View of the river from the backside of the house.  My dad put in a great network of trails all over the woods below the house.  He built little bridges and took a picnic table down to the natural clearing.  There is a trail that runs all the way down to the river, but it is a looong way back up!


Mountain views from the front deck:


If you look at the base of the mountains you can see our house.  (this pic was taken as you leave my folk’s place headed out the driveway):


Okay, have I convinced you yet?  What more will it take?  I wish we could buy the place from them, but there’s just no way we can swing it right now, darn it!  It was sure a great place to grow up, though!