(sorry the pics are sun saturated; I didn’t have time to grab my filter.)


So this was the excitement around here today.  We live in a house with the teeniest stairwell ever!  When we originally moved this couch into the house, it would not fit up the stairs, so we used a second story doorway that used to be on the other side of the house where we planned to add a 2 story deck someday. Our plans changed when we remodeled the house last fall/winter to make room for additional kids, and the doorway was changed to a regular window to make the wall better suited for a child’s room.  In our hurry to get things buttoned up before winter, we forgot to calculate which items of furniture should have been removed before closing up the large door opening.  Obviously, the couch doesn’t fit down the stairs either (believe me, we know! we tried it every imaginable way before Peter would concede! Hehee!!)  So, anyway, we’ve been stuck with this couch taking up floor space upstairs since we moved Henry’s crib into our bedroom in the space the couch used to occupy… and we knew the only way it was coming out was by removing one of the windows and borrowing some scaffold.  We put it off as long as possible.  But, my parents are going to use it in their house in Spokane, so we decided it wasn’t fair to make them wait any longer.


So there you go… not only a little excitement (its not every day a couch exits a building through the second story window!) but also an important lesson illustrated.  Measure the items in a room before you enclose a doorway!!