Yes, I thought that title would grab your attention!  Unfortunately, I don’t actually have an update…  But I figured it was time to post something more about the adoption, since its been awhile.  I don’t even know if Henry has been moved into foster care yet!  Its the nature of international adoption — wait, wait, wait…  and wonder!  One of the hard parts of waiting is having to inform friends and family that ask about Henry every time they see us:  No, we still haven’t heard anything… no, we don’t have any idea when he’ll be coming home… no, we REALLY don’t know anything more than the last time you asked!  Really!!   They are all so sweet to keep asking and I am so blessed to have genuinely supportive and interested friends, but I feel badly that I keep disappointing them.  I do know that the little picture album we put together for him will be arriving in Liberia soon…  So thats exciting.   I don’t think he’ll have any idea at his young age who the pictures represent — but it will give him something to play with that was saturated in prayer!!

I did finally get our adoption info/fundraising website up and running.  (Our Hope for Henry)  We wanted to have a site to share our story briefly with aquaintances and distant relatives and give our great-uncle’s next-door neighbor and third-cousins twice-removed the opportunity to help with some of the adoption expenses.  I tried to balance sharing our story, giving adoption information and asking for help with the financial aspect.  It is so hard to ask for money graciously!  I didn’t want to come across pushy… and even though from a practical standpoint, its a stretch for us financially to adopt, we know, of course, that God pays for what He orders… and He gently reminds us over and over to not fret about provision… and to focus on obedience.  I have been able to stay uncharacteristically trustful of His provision throughout most of the adoption so far… but there have been times when I start calculating the numbers in my mind and my palms begin to sweat…

So we’ve been praying alot and applying for grants and working on the website and learning to trust even deeper… Its an act of faith to let your needs be known and trust God to provide (in whatever way He chooses — c’mon Ebay items!) Its also humbling… But humbling is good. It increases faith. It draws us closer to the Lord. 

Speaking of adoption fundraisers and divine provision, I wanted to share links to the fundraising sites of some of the other AoH families.  I know I am not aware of all of them, so if I left yours out, please drop me a comment and I will add it.  It is a blessing to give.  And here is a great opportunity.  I love the one-dollar adoption fundraisers because it makes it so feasible to help these families bring their kids home.  I love how it capitalizes on the principle of small acts bringing about big blessings.   

I especially wanted to put in a word for our adoption coordinator, Donna (who is seriously related to wonderwoman…or some other super-hero — the woman has unnatural energy!)  Not only does she handle all the adoption processing on this side of the Atlantic (and thats alot of phone calls and emails and organizational skills!!) she is working on establishing her own adoption-fundfinding organization, Global Orphan Outreachand she is the mom of ten kids! (five through adoption.)  She and her husband are preparing to adopt the baby sibling of two of the children they have adopted from Liberia and they have set up a fundraiser to help with the adoption expenses.  I am excited to watch God provide for her… she is a faithful woman with such a big heart.  Follow this link to their fundraising site.

And here are the others:

Alonso’s (Charity)







Weather’s (Naoimi’s family)

Tidwell’s fundraiser


Happy giving!  🙂