We had a good weekend.  Peter worked a few hours at the shop finishing up a side job that is an answer to prayer since we will be able to use it toward the adoption.  We also finally built the deck out back off the addition – yay!  It turned out well and I’ve loved sitting out there the last couple mornings with my coffee before Jo wakes up… it is so quiet and peaceful.  We still have to finish the rockwork up to the edge of the deck and build the pergola over the top so I can plant wisteria to grow over it for shade.  But its nice to have another place to sit outside besides the front patio.


We went to our little county fair Friday night with our friends, Ryan, Sarah and Zoe. We had a great time.  We have “farm” animals at home, but it was still fun to take the girls to see the ones we don’t have… and of course, to eat the fair food — ah, there’s nothing like calorie-laden, atery-clogging, deep-fried fair food!  And of course, it’s a sugar-overload waiting to happen… ice-cream, cotton candy, snow cones, kettle corn, carmel apples, candied peanuts — whew! its a good thing we only go once a year!  🙂


 I was in 4H as a kid and raised lambs to take to the fair… so it always brings back a score of memories (mostly good ones…) when I’m at the fairgrounds.  Joanna had a great time, of course.  It was so funny — halfway through the goat barn (which was the first barn we visited) she suddenly burst into a rendition of Old Macdonald Had a Farm — completely spontaneously!  We all started laughing.  She kept singing it the whole evening and on the way home started adding verses.  She sang about the “mean scary lion and bear” that Old Macdonald had on his farm… I guess she’s paid more attention than I thought to my warning her to stay in the yard lately due to the bear and mountain lion! — Poor kid must think every farm has a mean, scary lion!  🙂 

We enjoyed the pig barn particulary because the girls were sooo funny to watch.  I think Jo was a little tramatized by the intensity of the pigs (I don’t think she has seen any this close before.)  They are smelly and LOUD  — especially when an army of them are housed under the same roof within feet of one another.  (And they are rather strange-looking creatures when you really stop to think about it!)  This particularly lovely porker, Petunia, was quite the model — I swear she knew I was taking a picture of her!  She gave me her best piggy-pose:  


All in all Jo and Zoe had a good time.  They got balloons and stickers and saw creatures great and small.  This is a particularly appropriate shot: can you tell they were on a fair-food sugar high?