…is like cool water to a weary soul”  Pr. 25:25

This is SOOOO true!!!

I had not realized how deeply my heart has been about worried about Henry until I opened an email this morning that let me know Henry is now with his foster family (and he is with the family I have been praying and hoping would be able to foster him!!)  God is so faithful.  I just started crying as soon as I read the first words — tears I didn’t even know were inside me… And feelings of gratitude and deep relief that I didn’t even realize I needed came washing over me in waves.  It was a deep, refreshing pool of water to my soul!!

I am so grateful my little boy will be nurtured and cared for by these wonderful people.  (I am not sure if I have the liberty to share who they are — I’m trying to be careful with jurisdictions) but they are such an incredible family and it’s an answer to prayer.  They said Henry seems a little bewildered by the change, but is adjusting well.  Thank you Lord for this blessing of good news from a distant land!