We were given quite a show last night as a storm passed through.  We were lucky to have front row seats!  We usually get a couple of magnificent thunder storms every summer, but it has been a while since the last one, so we really enjoyed last night.

Thunder storms always remind me of how incredibly small I am — and leave me in spell-bound awe at the glimpse of God’s Power.  The sheer amount of energy in each lightning bolt is staggering. 

I love sitting outside with Peter as a storm rolls up the valley.  The wind blows in gusts and lightning dances across the sky teasing the thunder until it responds with a force that makes the house shake.  The electricity in the air is so intense I can feel it raise the hair on my arms and the clouds are so dark they block out the last light of the day and swirl with an almost angry energy.   I feel so alive… all of my senses are in a heightened state of awareness — the sharpness of the wind against my face; the cracking sound of thunder in my ears; the blinding flashes of lighting make me close my eyes and the smell of impending rain is so strong I can almost taste it. 

I stand in awe…