Please continue to pray for my friend, Charity.  They got an update about the visas for their girls that was not very encouraging and they are facing a difficult situation.  Please join them in prayer.  (I haven’t heard any updates on the other families I posted about a couple days ago, but please continue to pray for them as well.) 

Also, I am excited about passing on the link to a great organization that my friend, Angel, posted about it on her blog (read her post!!– it is longer and more descriptive and will give you a better idea…)  I love the opportunity it presents to invest in someone’s future and REALLY make a difference in their lives.  It is a practical and feasible way to hack at the roots of the problems that create orphans and leave children homeless.   The organization is KIVA and through them you can help fund individual business ventures in developing countries.  You are able to choose who/what you want to invest in and you can stay personally involved (I love the relational aspect of personal sponsorships like this…)

And, speaking of sponsorships, UAHH has only a few more days to find sponsorships for the rest of the kids waiting to be able to go to school in Burkina Faso.  I know I mentioned it before, but I thought I would say something one more time so if you missed it the first time, here’s your opportunity!!  There are about twenty kids left needing sponsors.  These kids REALLY WANT to go to school!!  If you feel led, perhaps you could spread the word to your family and friends.  It would be awesome to see ALL the kids who signed up for sponors get to attend school this year.  Being a teacher, I have such a desire to see kids get the opportunity to learn.  An education is a priceless gift, and in many developing countries means the difference between a life of barely surviving and a life that is able to reach back and help others.