“Out of intense complexities, intense simplicites emerge.” Winston Churchill


I shared this quote on my other blog, but in light of today being the six year anniversary of that day that changed so many lives, I wanted to post it here also.  It is so true… We live in a time of great complexity (an age of the greatest technological advancement and still, dire poverty remains throughout much of the world… a time of cutting-edge medical discoveries and yet treatable diseases claim the lives of millions every year…  A time of education and awareness and still many people choose to shut their eyes and ears… A time of crisis and contradictions…) and yet, inspite of (or perhaps because of) these sorts of complexities, simple things emerge transcendently and victoriously every day…  the love we feel for family and friends; the hope that is stirred deep within when we read something inspirational; the small acts of kindness that change the course of someone’s day; the courage of people doing the right thing even when it is difficult; the generosity of strangers; the sacrifices of organizations committed to saving lives at personal risk and expense; the simple wonder of watching a brilliant sunset; the smell of a newborn baby; the miracle of life… 

I think in some ways, the world became more complex after September 11th, 2001… and yet, in other ways it became more simple.  Things that had perhaps been taken for granted suddenly became priceless — and simple things like family and freedom and being alive were quickly brought to the forefront of people’s minds. 

It has been said that we do not remember days, we remember moments.  We all have moments etched forever upon our memories.  Among my never-to-be-forgotten memories is that heartwrenching moment six years ago when I realized what was happening on the other side of my country.  

I just didn’t want today to go by without stopping to remember…