Well, I am proud of myself.  I finally figured out how to compress video files and upload to YouTube… so now I can share an occasional video clip!  Wahoo!

Joanna was more than happy to sing for the camera last night.  This child of mine is a singer.  She sings ALL the time.  Real songs, made-up songs, combined songs… she sings and sings.  I am always laughing at her because it seems she makes up lyrics from whatever random thoughts are running through her mind!  She actually has a fairly good ear for only being two and a half — she can pick up on a melody in seconds and usually remembers it.   She definitely doesn’t stay on key yet — but she tries!!  She gets her musical orientation from Peter.  He plays many instruments brilliantly and is one of those natural musicians that can pick up anything (including a toy accordion! 🙂 and play it…  He never ceases to amaze me!   

Anyway, I hope this brings a smile to your day.  I was cracking up halfway through because she was so fidgety, playing with her shirt and such, and then she stuck her hand down her pants!  Oh, the things toddlers do!  The video isn’t great quality because I think I compressed it too much… oh well, I’m still learning. 

(special thanks to the “guest” accordion player, Maestro Pizza Boy, who was kind enough to accompany her in the second song!  🙂