What a glorious time of the year!  Every time I go outside, I just want to stay out there all day!  The light is golden and the sun is still strong enough to warm my shoulders as I work.   I am soaking up the warmth of it and storing it to remember during the months ahead.  The signs of the impending fall season are everywhere, but summer is still clinging to it’s last days of warmth.  The air is crisp and the nights are chilly, but we haven’t turned the corner into full-blown autumn yet .  It’s coming soon.  Inevitably, one of these nights the temperature will drop below freezing and a frost will cover the ground as a precursor of the snow ahead… the frost will kill my tomatoes and peppers and dahlias, but will also bring a rush of intense colors to the landscape… Soon I will start the process of putting the garden to bed for the winter.  But for now, we get to savor the last drops of the summer sunshine and continue harvesting the garden.  Part of me is a little sad that summer is almost over.  This is very uncharacteristic for me because I love fall!  Usually I am excitedly anticipating the change; but for some reason this year I’m not quite ready to let summer go…


I love the warm golden glow as the sun reaches the horizon… We went for a bike ride last night to enjoy it… Ah, the simple things in life are the best.  I need to remember to slow down more often to enjoy moments like these.  Peter and I used to spend so much more time outside mountain biking and hiking and climbing than we do now.  It’s crazy that we let ourselves get distracted by all our responsibilites and projects that we often miss the opportunities to enjoy the simple pleasures of being alive: drinking in that warm glow… breathing deeply and fully… feeling the wind in our faces as we coast down a hill…  it renews the soul.



We are blessed to live near a fantastic network of private dirt roads and little trails in the woods for mountain biking.  Some are definitely too steep to take Jo with us… so we just enjoyed a short ride down the highway to a little country road with great mountain views.  Pictures simply can’t capture it.  Thats the most frustrating thing for me about taking photos… sometimes the lens is too small and limiting!!

But it’s still satisfying to try!