Peter is gone this week on another installation in Coeur d’Alene (*sigh* it’s the downside of living where we do and primarily taking jobs from Northern Idaho…)   I wasn’t expecting him to have to be gone again this week (can you read the “grrrr” in between the lines?!? 😉 )  I’m usually fine and not as lonely as I have been this week…  I don’t know why it’s been harder than usual…  perhaps its the change in the air and daylight ending earlier.  I have a load of fall projects to keep me busy, though, and that helps.  I have been able to catch up on work and office stuff and am now “purging” the house — de-cluttering, down-sizing, sorting and organizing.  I get on a roll like this about twice a year.  It’s better to do it when Peter’s not around!!  Although I have had to solemnly promise not to throw out his well-worn work shirts that he loves so much.  What is it with guys and their “comfy” (translation: ratty) worn-out tees??

I have to say though, that I have a great companion while my husband is gone!!  The older Jo gets, the more I realize it.  I have been a bad mommy the last few nights and have selfishly let her stay up much later than her bedtime to keep me company.  (Nights alone out here in the middle of nowhere are the hardest part while Peter’s away.)  Joanna has enjoyed the special mommy-time… and so have I.  We popped popcorn and snuggled together on the couch under lots of blankets and watched a movie… and we cranked up the music and danced in our pajamas… and we made some yummy hot chocolate and zucchini bread (it was good — I swear!) 

Jo often sleeps with me when Peter isn’t home.  And, let me tell you: “pillow-talk” with a two year old is quite amusing (and baffling at times!!)  This was the conversation last night as we were drifting off to sleep.  I am still confused about it.  Perhaps one of you veteran moms can enlighten me!

Jo:  “Mama, you talk airplane to Jojo, okay??”

Me:  “okay… So, do you like airplanes, Joanna?

Jo:  “no, mama, you talk airplane!”

Me:  “I don’t understand.  What do you mean talk airplane?  Do you want to talk about an airplane?”

Jo:  “No, mama. I don’t talk airplane.  YOU talk airplane to Jojo.”

Me:  “You want me to talk about an airplane?

Jo:  “No, you don’t talk about airplane.  You talk airplane.”

Me:  “Are you saying you want to pretend we are in an airplane talking??”

Jo:  “No, mama, airplane is NOT here!”  (In an exasperated tone… I mean, come on, mom… don’t you know anything?! 🙂 )

Me:  “Sweetie, I don’t understand what you are saying.  Do you want me to pretend that you are an airplane and talk to you?”  “Hi, Airplane.”

Jo:  “NO!  I NOT airplane!  Mama, YOU TALK AIRPLANE!!  (getting rather frustrated at me now)

Me:  “Okay, okay”… (I am trying really hard to understand her and not just change the subject) “Do you want Mama to talk like an airplane and make an airplane noise?” (and I proceeded to “zzzooooommmm” like an airplane.)

Jo:  “No, No, No!  Mama, you don’t say ‘zoom’.  You TALK AIRPLANE to Jojo!!! 

This went on for a couple more minutes until thankfully, Peter called.  After talking for a while (during which time she never mentioned anything about planes to him!?!) she went to sleep and I assumed the whole thing was forgotten…  Until around 5:30 this morning when she sleepily snuggled up to me and in a drowsy little voice said “you talk airplane, mama, okay?”  

 What a silly little peanut!