Just look at this grinning bundle of energy!!!!!!!!


IS it the same boy????


(the second picture was from a couple months ago…)

We got a fantastic update on Henry last night and some wonderful new pictures. Smiling pictures! Crazy, full of energy, laughing pictures!!  They made my “heart sit down good!” (a Liberian phrase the Sheppards shared with us 🙂 )

Apparently his adoption is in court right now and will hopefully be finalized sometime next month.

Here is an excerpt of the update (written, I’m assuming, by his foster parents):

It turns out Henry is extremely energetic, outgoing, and very chatty. (I love the way they said “it turns out”… like it came as a surprise to them (and does to us, too! A very welcome surprise!)

He’s got a charming personality and is VERY expressive with his right arm.

He is sitting very well, though he can’t crawl. But he is learning to move by turning on his bottom. He can move backwards in a baby walker, but has not figured out how to move forward yet.

Henry is wearing size 3-6 month clothes (so tiny for being 15 months old!) and is still taking bottles for his primary nourishment, but is tasting a lot of solids and eats flavored cereal every night.”

Wow. This is really quite wonderful. He is hitting a lot of milestones and we are just blessed. Thank you Lord.

We continue to pray for his left arm… The update on his use of it was not as positive as we had hoped… (in fact, it appears he can’t feel anything in his left arm and has zero movement.) The rest of the update is so encouraging though, this information doesn’t dampen anything — it just encourages us to pray more fervently for healing and for wisdom on the part of the doctors, specialists and therapists when we get him home. We are hoping for the best case scenario of him gaining some use of it… but if not, there is SO much else he is going to be able to do!

My beautiful happy baby!


Gosh, we sure love you, Henry Isaiah!