My guest photographer wanted you to know that he was out on a grueling two week back-country expedition far into the heart of the Beartooth Mountains in Montana and came across this herd of elk high on a wild, frozen plain.  Said photographer was on his faithful steed, wearing his Stetson, looking all rugged and manly as he whipped out his Nikon D200 to take the shot.

Hee Hee… J/K.  🙂  The real story is much less melodramatic!  Said photographer was actually driving to Coeur d’Alene early in the morning and came across this herd in a field just off the little back road he takes as a short-cut. 

It’s rather unusual to see an elk herd this size around here.  We spot a lone elk every now and then, but we don’t often see this many at one time (or at such close range).  And look at the bull’s rack!  Anyway, the early morning fog lent itself to the romantic rendition of the story!  😉

Here’s a closer look at these beauties.  Elk are so majestic.