Today has been one of those days…  I woke up with a headache; Peter’s gone again; Jo decided that she doesn’t want to go on the toilet any more (THREE poop accidents today! — Talk about falling off the wagon!!)  My washing machine is billowing out smoke when I turn it on, and I can’t get the pellet stove to ignite, so it’s freezing in my house! — But those are just the petty problems.  The real deal of the day was my wrestling through some heart issues and God lovingly, but firmly dealing with me over my bad attitude. Ughh.  You know when it feels like you’ve been sent to your room by the Lord?  I hate that feeling even though it means I’m growing — so it’s actually a good thing.  I’m glad He doesn’t just leave us to ourselves without bringing conviction.  I’m growing in grace… and always being reminded that my response is what matters in all situations…  

But even in the midst of my bad attitude and wrestling, God still chose to bless this day with that wonderful, much-anticipated phone call about Henry’s adoption being finalized!  It just further convicted me about my internal conversation.  Isn’t it funny how a blessing can sometimes convict us of an attitude faster than direct correction?  It’s a gentle but deeply effective rebuke because it contrasts our fallen humanity against His unconditional love and beauty.  Oh, I was so convicted.  (*Okay, well… there’s a little vulnerability for ya, today!*  🙂 

Anyway, Yes!  Henry’s adoption is finalized!!  It’s an awesome blessing.  I am so grateful for this next step in the process!  God is good.  All the time.  Even when I’ve been a stinker!