I was so surprised and blessed to get a few more pictures of Henry this afternoon!  And he is looking so much more grown-up.  He is filling out and gaining weight!  Praise God.  I am so deeply grateful for his wonderful foster family.  They are a gift from the Lord.  I will always, always be deeply grateful for their loving care of my son.  There was another picture of Henry in the water with their youngest son (Henry’s “foster brother.”)  It was such a sweet picture, but I didn’t feel like I should post it because of privacy issues and all that.  I am so glad that Henry has an older buddy to play with him and help take care of him! 


Yay!  Look at his cheeks! I really want to kiss them!  🙂


He is sitting so well…


He is definitely moving to a colder part of the world!!  We could get snow almost any day now here!  Our pools are packed away for next summer.  I’m going to have to get him some long-johns and beanie hats for the adjustment!