Okay, well, not really…  (Although I did think Peter and Jo really had something going with that last YouTube video!!)  Actually, I was just messing around with some of the family pictures we took at Greenbluff (a pumpkin farm/festival we go to every October.)  I don’t usually mess with pictures (not out of conviction for the purity of the art *although I do think a good picture should be able to stand on it’s own!* but I don’t have a program! — maybe if I had Photoshop or something fancy, I would!?!)  Basically, I can crop and rotate and adjust brightness.  But last night I realized if I changed the photos to greyscale, I could mess with the saturation and contrast levels and I decided the results looked like something off a CD cover (well… not really, of course… but it was fun to mess around! 🙂 

I was pleased with several of the pictures from Saturday (we typically take our family Christmas card pictures among the pumpkins) …and I got some cute ones of Jo and Zoe.  I’ll share a couple tomorrow (although I have to warn you that you might get tired of Greenbluff photos by the end of the week!  🙂