We’ve been busy the last few days — I haven’t had the chance to sit down at the computer until today…  We’ve been trying to get our last minute fall projects done around here (we had to take out a wall and replace a bathtub on Saturday — easier said than done!! 🙂 ) And then of course we are still trying to finish putting the yard and garden to bed for the winter — all the patio furniture and misc gets stored, Jo’s toys and playhouse have to be packed away, the sprinkler system and hoses have to be blown out and anything else that might be negatively affected by sub-zero temps has to be dealt with.  It’s thankless work — but absolutely necessary!

We were also busy getting ready for an adoption fundraiser that we held after church yesterday.  We served a “harvest lunch” of hot dogs, chili dogs, chili & cornbread, brownies and hot apple cider — We had a very good showing and we were tremendously blessed by our church family’s support.  This was the first adoption fundraiser that we have held at our church and it was just a huge blessing… I feel deeply humbled and encouraged by all the love and support.  It was as much an emotional “fundraiser” as it was a financial one (well, for me, anyway! 🙂  We have another fundraising opportunity next weekend at our community’s harvest party/ Christmas trade show.   We have decided to build and sell a few harvest tables (out of rustic alder) and use the proceeds for the adoption.  We’ve had several people ask about buying a harvest table through our cabinetry/furniture shop and we realized it would make a good adoption fundraiser to build them “on the side.”  Obviously it’s a bigger item, so we will be limited as far as the amount of tables we can build, but we decided we would rather focus on a few larger items in the shop.  I’m going to take my jewelry, too, because every little bit helps!  (for those of you that have asked, I am still trying to get my jewelry website up soon so I can hit the Christmas market… but we’ll see… I’ve found that it’s much easier to create than market!!  🙂

Ahmad decided last week that he would like to spend a month in Philadelphia (with some of his Liberian friends who have moved there) before heading back home.  So he will be leaving here the first week in December.  It’s earlier than we thought, but we are glad he will get that time with his friends… And we are glad to have a little more time alone as a family to prepare for Henry’s homecoming. We’re going to miss Ahmad when he goes, though.  He told Peter the other day that they will be brothers for life.  I really believe that.  I don’t know how the rest of the story will unfold as far as our relationship with Ahmad and his family, but I know it isn’t going to end when he leaves in December.  I’m still just full of anticipation! (…and I keep jotting down more things I want to share from his time here… I am going to have to just sit down one of these days and write another post!)