Ughh… Daylight Saving Time is over, so it’s dark by 5:00.  In another month it will be getting dark by 4:00!!!  That’s still afternoon!!  — I’m trying to adjust… but it crept up on me today!  I guess it means more time inside on the computer!!  😉

On a more positive note, we had a good, busy weekend with a wonderful Church Harvest Party on Saturday and our community’s “Christmas” trade show where various artists/craftspeople had pieces of work for sale or display to generate interest for the upcoming holiday season.  Peter made a gorgeous dining table (in the long “harvest” table design) out of rustic alder and it turned out beautifully.  He distressed it a little and then scraped the top to make it look like hand-hewn planks.  Between that and the joints, it had such a great old look to it.  We sold it right away and had a lot of other interest, so hopefully we will get a few more Christmas orders.  I was really looking forward to giving him a hand with it in the shop last week because I love working on furniture… but I ended up being too busy trying to finish up some earring designs.  I had a lot of interest in my jewelry as well, so all in all, it was a good trade show.  (It’s nice having it over, though.) 

Here are a few pics of the table… so if you know anyone that might be interested in one, let us know!!  (All proceeds go toward the “Henry Fund” 🙂 )




My jewelry website is still not quite finished.  It takes a lot more than I realized to get a commerce site up and going (and looking halfway decent! 🙂 Hopefully it’ll be finished next week…

Jo’s birthday is next Sunday (the 11th.)  And let me tell you, I am not going to get away with a small birthday party like I did last year for her second birthday.  I guess by the time you turn three you are very aware of what a birthday party should look like!!… so it’s balloons and streamers and a house-full of little girls for us!  🙂   My sister-in-law always throws great parties and bakes these incredibly creative works-of-art birthday cakes for her kids… it’s a little intimidating thinking about following her legacy.  I didn’t grow up celebrating birthdays (actually, we didn’t celebrate any holidays until I was in my teens — but that’s a story in itself!) so I am really an amateur when it comes to putting together a three-year-old’s birthday party.  I am open to any and ALL suggestions!!  🙂

My sister is flying up from Portland to spend a couple days at my parent’s this week, so Joanna and I are making the two hour drive to Spokane tonight.  (It’ll be late when we pull in, but I drive better at night than early in the morning!)  We are going to stay with them for a couple days and then come back home on Thursday or Friday.  I am REALLY excited about getting to see my sis again.  I miss her like crazy!!

Okay I just have to close with this funny picture I took of Jo a little while ago.  I looked over at her and she was standing like this, with her hands in her pockets!  I’m not sure where she learned to do that, but itwas sure cute!