The news from Liberia today through our adoption agency was not so good.  Apparently the U.S. Consulate in Monrovia has changed things again and has decided to reduce the number of adoption-related visas processed each week.  This means that the wait for Henry’s visa just got longer… much longer… than we were expecting yesterday.  (Currently she has been scheduling enough appointments to get two or three families from our agency through each week.  Now it will be down to only enough appointaments to process one family per week.  This creates quite a backlog of families caught in the bottleneck of finalized adoptions waiting on visas.) 

So, needless to say, I am a little discouraged… as are many, many other families who are anxiously awaiting their visa appointments.  Peter and I had been hoping to be able to travel in January to bring Henry home, but if things don’t change, it will be much later than that.  I am frustrated because I really want to bring my son home, but I also just feel terrible for the families who were hoping to travel this month and who are soooo close to bringing their kids home.  They are really feeling the sting of disappointment right now… 

Anyway, we would certainly appreciate your prayers for this whole situation.  Thanks.